Mommy Moments

fitmommy modules are four weeks long and we praise all the woman and babies that finish, especially those with perfect attendance. However, three exceptional moms receive extra special awards!

The monthly awards are as follows:

Mom on the move: This award is given to the mom who leaves everyone else in the dust during the running assessment on the last day of the module.

Miraculous mom This award is given to the mom who has overcome obstacles during the module or perhaps has suffered a set-back but has persevered nonetheless, or sometimes simply is… a really tough cookie!

Magical Mom: This award is given to the mom whose spirit has the power to lift everyone else's in class and whose friendly, open disposition motivates all those around her.

*Monthly results will also be displayed on the notice board at your location

Mommy Motivation

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Tip from the top

Be thorough, think of every reason you can find NOT to exercise, and then write down a reason why you SHOULD exercise and go out there and do it for yourself – Debbie Ross